Organizational Development

Improve effectiveness in your nonprofit though strategic organization and board planning.


Board Development

Serving on the board of a historic nonprofit can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s not a responsibility to be taken lightly or used for perks and advantages. Operations, event planning, recruitment, fundraising, and fiscal planning—these are just some of the key business activities for any nonprofit. When board members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, your organization is positioned for true effectiveness.

Even so, without a clear vision, shared by the board, an organization can still fail. It seems fundamental for a nonprofit to have a defined mission, constitution, by-laws, and strategic plan, yet too often smaller organizations fail to recognize the importance of these items until a problem arises. Such situations can create confusion, hamper growth, and for more fragile nonprofits, foster their demise.

Such outcomes can be avoided with proper planning, and having some outside expertise can help ensure you’ve thought through all the considerations.

Given such needs, Historia Inspired offers a number of board development services to include:

  • Board Retreats/Employee Retreats
  • Strategic Plan Mediation/Guidance
  • Mission Exploration
  • By-law Exploration and Overhaul
  • Constitution Writing


Organizational Planning

But what about dealing with growth and staffing needs? How do you back-fill the loss of staff and key positions such as a grant writer? Not having the adequate resources to keep your nonprofit going can create major setbacks and stunt fundraising efforts. In these moments, having plans for hiring and organizational transition are, once again, only though of after they happen.

While there are many competing priorities within every nonprofit, the need for resource planning should not be discounted, and by preparing ahead, organizations can maintain the continuity of their efforts. There are many elements that go into to such planning, everything from vetting candidates and developing a staffing structure to drafting job descriptions and creating handbooks. With our combined years of experience, Historia Inspired can help save you time by doing much of this work for you through the following:

  • Candidate Search Services
  • Personnel Handbooks
  • Interim Organizational Management
  • Transitional Consulting


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