Revenue Generation

Find revenue for annual and capital giving campaigns through online and offline sources.…

Digital Marketing & PR

Increase community awareness, engagement, and donations through relevant digital marketing strategies and tactics.…

Organizational Development

Improve effectiveness in your nonprofit though strategic organization and board planning.  …


With over 25 years of combined experience in digital marketing and nonprofit administration, Historia Inspired works with historic-based organizations and nonprofits, keeping them relevant through digital strategies that generate engagement and revenue, and sustainable through better organizational planning and asset management.

Our goal is to help save history and the groups that preserve it.




Joshua Sherretts

Josh Sherretts

Principal - Strategy & Organizational Growth   Josh Sherretts was born and…
Ron Mattocks

Ron Mattocks

Principal - Digital Marketing Strategy   Ron Mattocks grew up in rural northwest,…


Our goal is to help save local history and the groups working to preserve it, but we also understand the constraints that may prevent many organizations from exploring outside help. This is why we scale our services based on your organization's goals, needs, and resources. Using maturity models specifically developed for history-based organizations, we assess where you are in the areas of Revenue Generation, Digital Marketing, and Organizational Functionality in order to prioritize ensuing efforts.

Rather than asking you for a big commitment, however, we start with small engagements aimed at providing measurable value without exposing you to large financial risk. We believe in delivering tangible results which is why for longer-term engagements, Historia Inspired offers a performance-based pricing model, making us partners with skin in the game.

Check out the maturity models to see the path from Peril to Relevance to Growth to Sustainment for your historic nonprofit or organization.

Digital Maturity

PERIL: Online presence primarily informational and dated, with no engagement

RELEVANCE: Website, blog, & social media are configured according to a aligned plan

GROWTH: Digital used across multiple channels for both revenue generation & organizational efficiency

SUSTAINMENT: Digital assets relied on to consistently drive community action

Revenue Maturity

PERIL: Thin budget & limited resources hinder proactive initiatives to generate revenue

RELEVANCE: Online assets used to engage new audiences and potential donors

GROWTH: Effective online tactics augment annual giving & capital campaigns

SUSTAINMENT: Increased reserve allows organization to explore new capital projects

Organizational Maturity

PERIL: Organization’s sustainment reliant on volunteers & unpaid leadership

RELEVANCE: Part-time executive director provides focus for board & organization

GROWTH: Board contributes to governance & operations allowing director to better lead

SUSTAINMENT: Full-time director & scaled staff provide means for sustained growth


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